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 Gracie Jet

With a voice that draws immediate comparisons to Adele and other strong female vocalists,

Jet's confessional, piano-driven pop is powerful and melodic, from soaring ballads to country-tinged songs perfect for a summer highway. Her lyrics come from a place of passion, dealing not only with traditional themes such as love and relationships but also more complex topics such as the heartbreaking scenes she witnessed during her time as a nurse during the Covid crisis. The emotional fearlessness of her lyrics combined with her powerful, soulful voice makes for a tumultuous ride for the listener - through love, hate, and loss, from the exultation of finding a soulmate to the determination to explore the world. 

Born in England and now native to Owen Sound, Ontario. Jets has spent years in the local bar scene perfecting her craft, honing her sense of lyric and melody through covers of Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, and the Beatles, among many others. Now, armed with an album’s worth of original material, Gracie Jet is ready to launch her career as a solo artist.

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Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

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