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The Story of 
Gracie Jet

Gracie Jet is a showstopper. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been longing to perform and share her artist entity with the world. At a young age she anointed her self with the mantle of “Gracie Jet” because in her own young words, “people will chant my name.” Now, Jet is an electric performer you can’t take your eyes off. Her live show has featured in iconic Canadian venues like The Rivoli and The Monarch Tavern and a sold out single release show at Heartwood Hall. That same single, Sway, has gone onto garter international attention from the press and radio. As a songwriter is perhaps where Jet shines her brightest. Her catalogue is a walk through of her memories and experiences, each song its own unique time, place and emotion. Her work is emotionally transparent in a very refreshing way. She bravely gives all of herself to her songs, the good the bad, the pretty and the ugly. They’re intimate, refined and of course ever building to her iconic, passionate roar. Like a good friend, her music will be there for you when you need it most. Now hard at work on her debut album, Jet has no plans of slowing down, so remember the name. Gracie Jet will be rocking a stage near you very soon.

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